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Tommy's Trees Available for Holidays

Tommy’s Trees is a holiday giving collaboration between WeCAN and the BeLikeTommy Project. What is a Tommy Tree? A Tommy Tree is a 4-foot artificial tree with colored lights. When purchased, your tree will be delivered to your home for all to see and enjoy this holiday season (homeowners provide power).

Here’s the best part! When you purchase a Tommy Tree for $40, the BeLikeTommy Project, in partnership with a handful of local families, will be making a $50 donation to WeCAN to support a family in need this holiday season.

Your Tommy Tree is a proud display of Tommy’s bright light and joy, and the kindness you have offered to others in need this holiday season.

The BeLikeTommy Project was created to honor the kindness and joy of Tommy Nash following his passing from sudden cardiac arrest in December of 2021. The group’s mission is to keep his loving spirit alive by caring for the hearts of others, both physically and emotionally.

For more information and to order your tree, visit the BeLikeTommy Project website.


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